Regents Park Blinds

Regents Park Blinds had a complete brand design and website for their premium blinds and curtains.

The logo was designed to look like The Regents Park gates in London. It was drawn in an illustrative, ornate style, designed to look delicate and regal. It was made to juxtapose the extremely modern and minimal website design. Peach used lots of negative space, and carefully placed images to mimic the style of blinds being drawn.

The website was created to be an experience, every detail of the website was carefully animated and placed to create a minimalistic design. We wanted to showcase the blinds in a special way, therefore having everything presented to the user in an elaborate way will connote the premium feel of the brand.

The colour scheme is very earthy, we used natural tones relating to stone and wood, this was to subtly give the impression of quality, sturdy material as each of the blinds and curtains is made out of the highest quality materials.

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